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We are creating the next generation of education by creating a 4 dimensional source of information. Where knowledge is stored, not only in 3 dimensional models but also in the dimension of time. Explore earth and human history in a way that has not been done before.

Project 1845: Beijing 1751 CE

Explore the center of Chinese culture before western influence on its architecture by exploring the city of what it looked like in the mid 18th century.

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Babylon, Iraq 1850BC

Explore one of the first civilizations on earth with one of the first cities on earth. Explore the Hanging Gardens to the fabled ‘tower of babel’ Etemenanki.

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Tenochtitlan 1520 CE

Explore the pinnacle of the Aztec civilization of what it looked and felt like before the Spanish turned up in the 16th century.

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Jupiter, Europa

Explore the surface of Europa, Jupiter’s ice-covered moon. Explore first-hand its hostile environment and what we expect to find when we send our first probes

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Jupiter, Io

Explore the volcanic moon orbiting Jupiter, Io. See how chemistry and geology makes these unique structures and shapes.

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Knossos, Crete 1500 BCE

Explore the history and the facts of the Minoan civilization on Crete and see first hand what sparked the mythology of King Midas and the Minotaur’s labyrinth.

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Latest Articles

March Update

Its been a while since we have made a decent update so here we are. We will be taking a slower approach to updates over April since our team leader Bohtauri has to focus on other things but once thats done, expect lots of new things. A lot has happened since January and here are some highlights. read more…

The Tlachtli Built

The Tlachtli is the Aztec version of the ballgame is called ōllamalitzli (sometimes spelled ullamaliztli) and are derived from the word ōlli “rubber” and the verb ōllama or “to play ball”. The ball itself was called ōllamaloni and the ballcourt was called a tlachtli. read more…

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